The Workshop

This workshop will provide you with the tools to make your independent journalism career both successful and sustainable. While success means different things to different journalists, for most journopreneurs it involves a mix of:
  • Sourcing, pitching and telling stories across platforms
  • Securing the best (not always the largest) audience
  • Exploring digital to build relationships and distribute your work
  • Packaging up skills and expertise to create additional products and services
  • And ultimately- following your passion while making it all pay
During the workshop, you will gain insights into each of these elements and learn how to balance them within your solo career.



The one-day workshop takes place in the refurbished Biscuit Factory in London. The day is designed to inspire you to launch and grow your freelance career, open your mind to new opportunities that will make you money and encourage you to develop your own journopreneurial ideas and projects. In order to allow for plenty of interaction and one-to-one attention, spaces are limited to 8 per workshop. Early booking is advised to secure your place.
Next date:  to be announced
Worth it? Both long-term and in the short run: If you are ready to get inspired and put in the hard work, you’ll come away with concrete ideas to sell your work and skills, starting right away. Beyond that, you’ll have expanded your journalistic toolbox with core journopreneur skills to future-proof your career and make your business much more profitable.

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