Below are some nice things people have said about my consultancy work and workshops.

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hazel healy

“I’m not sure we could have successfully reached our crowdfunding campaign target (we raised £704,000 – which was £204,000 over our target) in May/June 2017 without Danielle’s input. She is a phenomenal project manager with an excellent operations head on her shoulders and was able to steer the campaign in all areas from high-level strategy to making sure we stayed on-message in our comms and offering detailed digital marketing ideas for our #FactsAndHeart campaign.
Her input into the preparation and planning of the campaign was absolutely invaluable. Her experience, combined background in journalism and marketing and willingness to muck in wherever we needed it made her the perfect person for our media community share offer.
On top of this, she was fantastic to work with – directive without ever being pushy, hugely supportive without ever giving us an easy ride and available at any time to answer questions and solve problems, however small. A roaring endorsement from us – don’t even think about doing a crowdfunder without Danielle Batist.”

Hazel Healy – Co-Editor, New Internationalist

Ilvy Njiokiktjien

“When I realised that I needed to raise €30,000 to publish my documentary photography book, I knew I needed Danielle’s expertise as a journopreneur. She’s a crowdfunding expert who knows how make a project of this scale succeed. She is highly creative and positive and her networks are impressive. She used her social media skills cleverly to ensure that everyone in my surroundings, and far beyond, knew I needed money to make my book a reality. Articulating that clearly, as it turned out, was the starting point for success.

In the end, we raised almost €40,000, which was 32% more than our target, and beyond my wildest dreams! Danielle’s strength is that she instantly picks out what makes your journalism project unique and knows how to translate that into a compelling story to gain the necessary support. Her contacts across media outlets globally help a lot, but she also explores more unconventional routes to gain maximum publicity. She generates the traffic, and ultimately knows how to convert visitors into paying backers of the project.

When working with Danielle, it is evident that she knows her stuff: she’s done masses of research and draws on experience, knowing exactly what works and what doesn’t. What helped me most in the end, however, were her infectious enthusiasm, honesty, humour and drive: a life-saving combination for anyone nearing the end of an ambitious journalism project. In the end, we didn’t just smash our target, but had a lot of fun doing so too.”

Ilvy Njiokiktjien – Photographer

Santiago Sáez

“I booked your workshop a year ago, when I wanted to quit my London job at a TV news broadcaster and go freelance in Spain. I’ve been working for about four months now, and, so far, so good! I’m loving it, and I haven’t regretted it for a day. I’ve published high profile pieces in Deutsche Welle and other places, plus I was interviewed as a political analyst for a foreign TV station and I started a collaboration with a great journalism project in Spain. I’m finally getting to feel rewarded for all my years of preparing and I hope I never have to go back to a full time staff job.

I just wanted to say thank you for your inspiration. More than teaching me techniques, which you did, you encouraged me to believe in my own skills and do what I felt was right. I can’t thank you enough for that.

To others, I would say: Journopreneur is worth every penny. Danielle is an extremely inspiring communicator and her insight will help you take a more informed decision. Even if you decide never to go freelance, it is still a masterclass of good journalism practice and media knowledge well worth your time, your money and your effort.

If you’re ever in Madrid, a beer is on me!”

Santiago Sáez – Freelance journalist, Madrid

Izza Hina

“I am a Journalism student at the University of Westminster where you recently came to give a lecture. I just wanted to say a big thank you to you as I learned a great deal. I was able to use all the things we discussed extensively in my recent interview with BBC World Service, where I went for an intern role at Future Voices. I am happy to inform you that I got the internship, starting this March, and I am very much indebted to you for your expert advise.”

Izza Hina – Journalism student, University of Westminster

Celia Topping

“Informal yet professional, fascinating and inspiring; Danielle’s workshop was pitch perfect for the aspiring journalist. Great tips, even better contacts and an eye-opening insight into story-telling as a job.”

Celia Topping – Freelance photographer and journalist

Emma Agyemang

“The Journopreneur course gave a great overview of the many components needed to make it in the competitive world of freelance journalism. Danielle is a great teacher who uses her extensive experience as a freelance journalist to offer lots of useful tips which I found very helpful. For me, the parts on how to specialise without limiting yourself were especially useful as I’m just getting started in this field. But also the information on pitching and how to sell and re-sell work in other markets. The course definitely left me with lots of ideas for what I can do next.”

Emma Agyemang – Aspiring freelance journalist

Tim Tonkin

“As a seasoned staff reporter looking to go full time freelance, I would highly recommend the Journopreneur course. Danielle takes a thorough and methodical approach, and provides plenty of useful insights into how to start and develop your freelance career. With so much packed into one day you’ll be sure to come away armed with plenty of ideas and inspiration.”

Tim Tonkin – Freelance journalist

Paul Dunne

“As an aspiring freelance journalist, the Journopreneur Workshop provided me with exactly the motivation I needed: practical business advice on how to make it as a freelancer! I found the sections on pitching stories to be the most useful. The brainstorming of our own strengths and specialisms was also really great; it’s generated a wealth of ideas for me to explore. Journopreneur is the icing on the cake after I studied at the University of Kent’s Centre for Journalism – I now feel I have the business smarts as well as the journalism skills to move forward in my chosen career. Thanks, Danielle!”

Paul Andrew Dunne – Freelance journalist

Kamilla Fernandes

“I first met Danielle at a free Leadarise workshop she spoke at, and I became very interested in her successful career as a freelance journalist and her experience abroad. After that I had no doubt that I needed to go to the Journopreneur Workshop. As a freelance journalist from Brazil trying to succeed in UK providing content for Brazilian media, the workshop was very inspiring and stimulating. She showed and taught new techniques to pitch new stories and presented a lot of online tools for freelancers that I wasn’t aware of (I even built a digital portfolio after the workshop!). For me, the day was special as a motivation to keep going, try harder and improve myself. Thanks a lot, Danielle!”

Kamilla Fernandes – Freelance journalist and correspondent

Anas Hassan

“The whole workshop was so important and beneficial because of its focus on how to be pragmatic within freelance journalism, using business skills to get your work out there and financially benefit from it. What I found particularly useful was learning how to effectively pitch ideas. Taking part in Journopreneurs has really set the foundations for me to launch a freelance journalism career in the near future. This will be very beneficial for my future development, whilst I continue to study for my NCTJ journalism diploma.”

Anas Hassan – Broadcast journalist

Catriona Matheson

“Danielle joined us to discuss her work and provide advice for budding journalists. Discussing the trials and tribulations of going freelance, Danielle described the business mindset needed and the discipline necessary to make a decent living. She also recommended budding journalists became their own brand, and that they keep their message constant. We had fantastic feedback from our Leadarise London members who found Danielle’s workshop to be both inspiring and useful.” 

Catriona Matheson – Founder, Leadarise London branch

Callum McSorley

“The Journopreneur Workshop was full of incredibly helpful information, not only about generating ideas and keeping focused but about the real nuts and bolts of how to be a freelance journalist. Learning how to pitch articles is crucial and Danielle’s exercises teach you in a concise and accessible way. Really useful as -at least in my experience of studying journalism at university- that kind of thing isn’t covered at all. Great experience complemented by Danielle’s homemade cake!”

Callum McSorley – Journalism graduate

Felipe Paiva

“The Journopreneur Workshop was amazing. There was so much useful information that I’m still processing everything now. There was a good balance between information and exercises and Danielle shared very useful examples of her personal experience, which made everything more real. I really enjoyed the ‘expertise exercise’: it opened up my mind about how we know so much more than we think we do. I feel Danielle really knows what she’s talking about.”

Felipe Paiva – Photostoryteller

Tania Ghosh

“As a trainer for One World Media’s Education Programme, Danielle facilitates workshops on international reporting at our partner universities in the UK. The feedback she has got from the students and lecturers have been fantastic – many have said she is engaging and inspiring. She has helped immensely with the project through the workshops as well as other activities.”

Tania Ghosh – Project Manager Education Programme, One World Media

Matthew Szechenyi

“Danielle managed to pack a variety of useful knowledge in a short time in the OWM workshop and that valuable experience will stay with me as I become a professional documentary film maker. Her topics and discussions were thought-provoking which inspired me to get out there and explore ideas. Danielle is exactly the type of lecturer that I was hoping to learn from.”

Matthew Szechenyi – MA student, London College of Communication

Martin Scott

“Danielle’s OWM workshop was perfectly pitched. Students were not only enthused but were given great advice on how to succeed as a freelance journalist in an increasingly competitive environment.”

Dr Martin Scott – Lecturer in Media and International Development, University of East Anglia

Andy Barmer

“The OWM workshop content was great and, more importantly, Danielle’s presentation of it was excellent. The issues raised were pertinent and thought-provoking. With so much time spent researching and working on the web, it is refreshing and productive to learn in a workshop environment.”

Andy Barmer – MA student, London College of Communication

Tess Murphy

“The OWM workshop proved to be not only interesting, but gave me a boost of confidence too. The practical and theoretical information Danielle provided, accompanied by insights into her own work have helped me massively in the planning of my own projects.”

Tess Murphy – MA student, University of Manchester

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