Ilvy Njiokiktjien

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“When I realised that I needed to raise €30,000 to publish my documentary photography book, I knew I needed Danielle’s expertise as a journopreneur. She’s a crowdfunding expert who knows how make a project of this scale succeed. She is highly creative and positive and her networks are impressive. She used her social media skills cleverly to ensure that everyone in my surroundings, and far beyond, knew I needed money to make my book a reality. Articulating that clearly, as it turned out, was the starting point for success.

In the end, we raised almost €40,000, which was 32% more than our target, and beyond my wildest dreams! Danielle’s strength is that she instantly picks out what makes your journalism project unique and knows how to translate that into a compelling story to gain the necessary support. Her contacts across media outlets globally help a lot, but she also explores more unconventional routes to gain maximum publicity. She generates the traffic, and ultimately knows how to convert visitors into paying backers of the project.

When working with Danielle, it is evident that she knows her stuff: she’s done masses of research and draws on experience, knowing exactly what works and what doesn’t. What helped me most in the end, however, were her infectious enthusiasm, honesty, humour and drive: a life-saving combination for anyone nearing the end of an ambitious journalism project. In the end, we didn’t just smash our target, but had a lot of fun doing so too.”