From digital detox 2.0 to Perugia

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Despite the fact that things looked quiet on here, I haven’t been sitting still at all. Most of the work has been happening over at the Constructive Journalism Project in the past few months. We’ve been touring the country delivering workshops at journalism schools from Scotland to North Wales and many places in between.
I have also been busy writing on Contributoria, where I successfully crowdfunded 22 articles in 9 months. The platform’s co-founder Sarah Hartley recently interviewed me about the tools and tricks of this new trade within freelance journalism.
I had another digital detox and travelled from Louisiana to Mexico and Brussels to report. Earlier this month I found myself on a remote island in the Stockholm peninsula to interview innovators in education. There was just one house and one wood fired sauna (hence my axe picture on this blog!): a nice change from buzzing London.
Next week, I’ll be speaking at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, Italy. If I get any time between the many intriguing talks, workshops and meetings, I’ll post my dispatches here.